Crystal Hartz has been involved in the alcohol industry since 1986. She holds a BA in Psychology from Millersville University (1984).  After graduation, she was certified as a Drug and Alcohol Therapist in PA for a few years prior to starting her employment at Wilsbach Distributors, Inc. as the marketing director and alcohol education coordinator for Central PA's largest beer wholesaler.  She was certified as a TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures for Servers of Alcohol) Trainer (Global training) in 1985 and has been an active TIPS trainer for 37 years. In 2001, she was approved as an PLCB RAMP SERVER SELLER TRAINER training hundreds of thousands of servers of alcohol across the state of PA.  Crystal teaches live classes to students and also has the most recognized online training RAMP Server Seller Program in the state.  ( She has been recognized by the past six governors of Pennsylvania and various PA Senators for her efforts in alcohol education.  

In 2017, she left has position at Wilsbach Distributors, Inc. and went full-time with her company - PA Hospitality and Consulting, LLC.  Currently, she conducts both LIVE and ONLINE PLCB SERVER SELLER TRAINING working with over 3000+ retailers across the state. She also works as a legal expert witness for dram shop liability lawsuits.  She continues to be a global TIPS Trainer.  She also helps retailers with marketing, writing house policies, and conducting spot audits across the state for retailers.  

Crystal serves on the board of the PA DUI Association; serves as vocational chairperson and serves on the board of the Colonial Park Rotary Club and also is a member of the PA Restaurant and Lodging Association.   She also works with the MBDA (Malt Beverage Distributors Association) and the PLBTA (PA Licensed Beverage and Tavern Association).


Most recognized and highly used trainer in PA - both live and online options!!

 Worked in the alcohol industry for over 35+ years in PA.


Office/ Cell: 717-443-3998

Additional Services:  Consulting, Marketing, Spot Check Audits, By Laws/ House Policies Assistance / Expert Witness Services


LIVE CLASSROOM TRAININGS: $45 per person (Valid 2 years)...Group Discounts available. 

* Pricing can vary with the locaiton of the class *

ONLINE RAMP TRAININGS:  $20 per person (Valid 2 years)...Group Discounts available.



Please note this website and training program was not created by the PA Liquor Control Board (PLCB).  This online program has been granted approval by the PLCB as valid curriculum which meets the guidelines of the "Server-Seller" training requirements in order for a licensee to become Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP) certified in the Commonwealth of PA. This program is just one of five steps needed in order for that certification to be achieved.  Crystal Hartz is not an employee of the PLCB, but has been an approved "trainer" and independent consultant for the PLCB RAMP program since its inception in 2001.